Market Sentiment

What is social Market Sentiment?

In real-time, we aggregate over 300,000 daily conversations, posts, “likes” and comments that people are having online across various platforms, including social media websites, news, blogs and other online locations where people converse.

To calculate social sentiment, we first identify where people tend to go to talk about the Stocks and Cryptos they own or want to own or love to hate, then with our own proprietary AI technologies we aggregate this data. Next, using our proprietary system known as a Natural Language Processor (NLP), designed by a team of data scientists with PHDs, we identify these conversations and posts as bullish, neutral, and bearish – and then we rate on a scale of -100 to +100 just how bullish or bearish these conversations and posts really are.

We then identify the impact of these conversations based on social shares, “likes”, or upvotes it receives.

With the output of this data we can identify an exact rating of the sentiment of any asset Stock or Crypto asset we track and the changes to that sentiment rating over time.

When our AI systems detect significant changes, we receive alerts. Here is a recent example, cryptocurrency $LUNA collapsed on May 9, 2022 and predicted this decline on May 6th, 3 days before the fall:’s intraday sentiment application was also effective predicting trades during the volatile trading that followed:

It is important to understand that using our system as an indicator to help estimate the future price movement one should not compare the sentiment of multiple stocks or cryptos, rather the same asset over time.